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Altro FlooringAltro Flooring –


Here at The Carpet and Flooring Company we have been supplying and installing Altro Flooring in various applications for over 20 years

Altro provide you with different types of floorings to ensure that all your flooring needs are met. All safety flooring comes with a 15 year warranty when the correct grade of flooring is installed in the recommended area, each product in the Altro Flooring range will meet specific flooring needs as efficiently and cost effective as possible.

Altro provide slip resistant flooring for a wide range of environments also hygienic flooring for more specialized needs. With a choice of flooring solutions which combine hygiene, durability and performance you are guaranteed to be satisfied with any purchase from the Altro range of flooring solutions.

Having installed the Altro range in a number of different applications including school classrooms, canteens and hotel kitchens, so we know just how good the product is. Not only is it durable and ready for everyday challenges but it also looks great.

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