Care Home Carpets

A care home is somewhere that is always busy with constant comings and goings so it is imperative that the flooring is adapted to ensure that it takes the hassle of everyday activity whilst looking and feeling great.

Whether you run a care home that has 2 residents or 150 people living there we are a company that understands exactly what you need. Durable, great looking and pleasantly appealing carpets are exactly what you will get when shopping with Carpets and Floorings.

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With special discounts and great prices already you can also be rest assured that we will meet your budget requirements. Offering you a completely free consultation gives us the ability to analyse and suggest the best types of carpets for your needs.

No matter whether you are looking to re-carpet one room or several our team will come in and get the job done in a professional and timely manner that ensures that your business is not affected for long and you can get back to simple day to day running in no time at all.

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