Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring

There are a good number of reasons why people opt for solid wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring is more expensive than carpeting but has a much better look and feel for some people. Below are a number of the good reasons to opt for solid wood flooring.

Longevity – Solid wood flooring can last sometimes hundreds of years and is easy to maintain and repair. There are very few flooring materials that have been around as long as wood. Over the centuries, it has shown itself to be a lovely and durable floor choice.

Pleasant/Cosy – Not only is hardwood more pleasant to walk on than laminate but it is also naturally warm.

Hypoallergenic – Wood floors don’t give pollen, animal dander, mould, etc. any place to hide and thrive. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for anyone with any kind of environmental allergies.

Easy to Clean – A little sweeping and a little mopping, and your hardwood floors will keep looking nice for a long time to come. Another perk is that a scratch here or a gouge there really just adds character to wood floors.

Increase Property Value – Carpet will look old and used in just a few years, whereas wood floors last a long time and add value to a home. Even laminate flooring, which looks like wood flooring, is a distant second choice for most homebuyers. It just doesn’t have the same warmth and feel.

Aesthetic Value – For some people the look of real wood flooring is much better than the look of laminate or carpet.

Carpets and Floorings have found that lots of homes already have the wood in place so peel back the carpet and take a look you may just be happily surprised at what is there. With a little labour and the cost of a few power tools you will have a complete makeover with a great homely look to finish.

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