You came here looking to lay your own carpets or at least to find out more about how.

Looking at Youtube is your best bet maybe here or possibly here be warned though it could take around 20-30 minutes of your time just going through the videos and that does not include the preparation time, doing the job itself and the COST if it all goes wrong.

Unless you have laid carpet before there is a high chance that you may not get is as great looking as someone that is an expert in the field. Then of course you also need to take into account that if it is not laid properly it will wear up to 10 times quicker resulting in further cost down the line.

When you take into account that getting a professional team in will save you time and money you can see why we have steered clear of giving you a guide that could mean it all goes pear shaped when actually the cost may not be as much as you may think.

Our team are here to help you and will take you through all of the options available (including just supplying the carpets). We are a dedicated, friendly and experienced team that want what is best for you so if you would like to work with an experienced company that cares call NOW on 01276 37722.