Drunken people have a great habit of spilling alcohol and that alcohol can then cause major issues under the flooring giving you a real hassle of a job later on to fix.

Our flooring specialists will guide and advise you on the best type of carpets or flooring for your pub and ensure that when you see spillages it will be easy to ensure that your carpets still look great going forwards with a simple wipe up.

We know (from experience) just how busy any pub can get and you will often find that the flooring in a pub isn’t always great looking which can be off putting to new customers. If you would like carpets in your pub that make it look and feel great you really will need some specialist flooring that is tried and tested in a pub and bar environment.

No matter how big or how busy your pub is keeping it looking great can add to your bottom line so make sure you contract a company that has knowledge of the environment.

We simply offer you a free consultation and measuring service that will enable you to assess whether we are a company that you would like to do business with.

If you would like to work with a dedicated and friendly company call NOW on 01276 37722.