Rest homes are notoriously difficult to carpet as you will need something hard wearing, durable and tough and all of these qualities come with a cost associated that could be out of your budget.

Not only do you want something that is ready to take the day to day activity that a rest home sees but you will also want something that looks great and is affordable.

Carpets and Flooring are a leading provider of commercial carpets and different floor coverings that are supplied to rest homes on an almost daily basis. As specialists in flooring with over 20 years of experience we offer a simple quotation and consultation service that will enable you to ensure you get the right flooring and at the right cost.

We will also give you timescales that we stick to as we know just how important it is to get in and out as quickly as possible without cutting corners (well carpet corners maybe) and ensuring that your flooring looks and feels great to anyone that might see it.

Your rest home needs to look great so you can attract more business and ensure the comfort of your existing residents and we know exactly what works.

If you would like a dedicated and friendly team of specialists to work with and make your rest home look great call NOW on 01276 37722 to find out more.